My name is Owen Suter I have worked at the Iffley Academy since January 2019. I am a teacher in Ross class. Before joining the Iffley Academy I spent 14 years working as a PE and Business Studies Teacher, for 7 of which I was a Head of Department. My main interest away from school is football and I manage a club in my spare time which whilst very time consuming is very enjoyable, I am also currently learning Spanish! The rest of my free time is taken up with supporting my two young boys in their various sporting activities which include Football, Rugby, Cricket and Athletics. Ross class is named after the famous artist, illustrator and author Tony Ross and is part of the Guggenheim gallery where we prioritise a) highly individualised programmes personalised to learning goals (EHCP), b) additional support in forming appropriate friendships, c) regular opportunities for the acquisition of independence and life skills (including out of school learning).

Owen Sulter, Teacher