The Iffley Academy is committed to providing high quality Relationship and Sex education (RSE) and guidance as an integral part of the Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum for all students in Years 6 – 13. It will seek to ensure that the provision is appropriate to the age, ability and the special educational need of the individual students and is underpinned by equality of opportunity.  The Iffley Academy is committed to the belief that young people should have the opportunity to make informed choices and decisions.

Relationship and Sex education is an educational entitlement for all children and young people.  It is lifelong learning about physical, moral and emotional development and sex, sexuality and sexual health.

SRE is part of the curriculum for modern life and should provide young people with both the knowledge and skills to manage their lives, stay safe, make informed decisions and thrive as individuals and members of society.  The SRE provision and programme of study at The Iffley Academy aims to provide young people with opportunities to develop skills and qualities such as resilience, communication, empathy and perseverance.  We know that these are key skills, which our students require to lead successful, safe and healthy lives.

We will provide high quality PSHE and age-appropriate SRE teaching across the school as we recognise that this is essential in keeping our students safe and healthy, inside and outside of school.  Young people today face unprecedented pressures posed by modern technology so our quality PSHE and SRE programme will provide them with the information they need to stay safe and build resilience against the risks of exploitation.  We know that good PSHE supports young people to make informed choices.

The Relationship and Sex education in delivered in a variety of ways, including sessions delivered by specialist professionals, the class team, 1:1 sessions with pastoral support staff, small group discussions, off site visits and the use of appropriate on-line resources and interactive materials.

All class teachers will be involved in providing guidance for their students on SRE and will ensure that the delivery and content of the programme is suitable and appropriate for their special educational need.