Art & Technology Art and Technology at The Iffley Academy is much celebrated and is a very important part of the curriculum. In the Tate and Louvre galleries, students access a wide range of skills including, printmaking, design, 3D sculpture and drawing and painting. In the Guggenheim gallery, these skills are consolidated and there is an opportunity to study textiles, photography and to visit local galleries. This leads on to Entry Level qualifications through the WJEC Pathways ‰Û÷Creative Media and Performing Arts‰Ûª and opportunities to access the Arts Award. Students have been involved in a range of exciting Artist lead projects such as an Artist workshop run by Dionne Freeman, online SKYPE visits to galleries such as Modern Art Oxford and exhibiting their textile work at a local care home. The Art Curriculum is incredibly innovative and has been featured in a research study produced by the National Society for Education in Art and Design. Click the following link for more details about the NSEAD.