At the Iffley Academy we are unique in the way in the way in which we transport some of our students. We are one of only a few special academies that use their own staff and vehicles to transport a large number of our students to and from school from within the local area. As an academy we recognise that travelling to and from school can be quite overwhelming for both students and parents and a familiar known face can ease some of these anxieties.

Once a child has been accepted to our school they are given a place on transport by the local authority who either use local taxi companies or assign one of our vehicles.
As the student goes through the school one of our targets is to try to teach them to travel independently. The school run a comprehensive independent travel program,which will support students on the road to gaining their independence and this life long life skill. Independent travel can take many forms this may be using the bus, using there own bikes or walking on there own. There is no age barrier to this, it is whether or not school and home feel the student is ready to learn this essential life skill.

To contact the Iffley Academy regarding transport please contact Jacqui Court Student Wellbeing and Therapeutic Support Manager on 01865 747606

To contact Integrated Transport please call 01865 323795