Each and every student at The Iffley Academy is an individual with unique qualities, skills and personality. We value our students for what they are, which is what helps make The Iffley Academy so special. Relationships are very important at the Academy: it is through good relationships that a respectful school community evolves.

Through most of their time at The Iffley Academy, students will be taught in mixed year groups, staying for most of the week with a class teacher and TA team. Guest teachers will deliver certain subjects such as PE or ICT, but the majority of the week is spent with familiar surroundings and staff. This way of working is of benefit to our students, who appreciate the security and familiarity it offers. It also helps staff to get to know individual students very well.

When students are first referred for admission, we will sometimes visits prospective students in their referring schools. Alternatively we may invite students to visit us and spend time in a class. We talk to family, friends and professionals before students start at the Academy, as this helps us to put the right support in place.  

The focus of Friday’s assembly, known as Star Assembly, is to reward students for their hard work during the week. Each class picks the student that has made the most effort that week and they receive a Star of the Week Certificate and a small prize. There are also rewards for sports player of the week, drama star, and improved attitude (Promotion of the Week). Finally, from among the various stars of the week a superstar of the whole school is chosen.

We believe The Iffley Academy is a community and not just a school and we value positive contributions from all students and staff. We believe in offering students a wide range of activities outside of the school curriculum including after school clubs, residential visits, activity evenings and access to clubs in your local area. We promote independence for all our students and enjoy meeting family and friends when we have events in school.