At The Iffley Academy we provide high quality formative assessment rather than just summative grades to ensure that progress is evidenced as deepening understanding and mastery rather than students just moving on to work of greater difficulty.  We understand that progression can also be about consolidation, especially when assessing students with ASD, as outlined in the Final Report of the Commission without Levels (September 2015).  

Our assessment model enables our students to make sustained and rapid progress without confining them to a linear assessment tool and this is achieved through lateral as well as vertical progress measures, prioritising gaps in knowledge and by consolidating skills.  

What Ofsted say:

“Evidence from school records, including students’ books, shows that the vast majority of students make rapid and sustained progress, achieving outstandingly well at the school. This is because learning across Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and in the sixth form, in all subjects, is linked very closely to their needs and abilities. As a result, a very high proportion of students make better than expected progress in English and mathematics.”

At the North Iffley Academy, rather than assessing pupils by NC levels, outcomes will be measured as a % of the competencies met for each year of the national curriculum programme of study. For example, a student may be assessed in English as having met 65% of the Key Stage 1, Year 1 spoken language competencies – rather than as having achieved a NC level and points score e.g. level 1c.  This is inline with the national assessment without levels guidance (Final Report of the Commission on Assessment without Levels, September 2015).

This system follows the National Curriculum Programmes of Study but to enable students to be assessed accurately, we assess students’ competencies across a number of different year descriptors creating an average year score.  This accurately represents exactly where a student is with their academic development and has been very effective with students with ASD and spiky profiles.  The Iffley Academy has a proven track record of outstanding practice regarding assessment.  In 2016 The Iffley Academy was invited to speak as part of the national conference SEND Assessment:  Evidencing Outstanding Progress (January 2016).