My name is Marcus Rusher I have worked at the Iffley Academy since September 2008. I am a teacher in Hirst class. I have always enjoyed working with young people, and my first job after University was at an adolescent psychiatric unit in south London. I love finding out what makes people tick and learning new things.  My hobbies are reading, cycling and swimming. I am also a scrabble fanatic. When not at school I am kept busy by my growing family, we love walking in the countryside and eating good food together. Hirst class is named after the famous artist Damien Hirst and is part of the Guggenheim gallery where we prioritise a) highly individualised programmes personalised to learning goals (EHCP)
b) additional support in forming appropriate friendship
c) regular opportunities for the acquisition of independence and life skills (include out of school learning).

Marcus Rusher, Teacher