My name is Debbie Grayson and I have been teaching at the Iffley Academy for one year. Before I joined the Iffley Academy I worked in Plymouth teaching in a SEN school for Primary and Secondary pupils for 6 years. My main hobby is dancing. I have been lucky enough to dance in Disneyland Paris twice, as well as dance with the famous Wayne Sleep. I liked meeting Wayne Sleep as he is shorter than me……….and I am very short! Lowry is named after the famous artist Laurence Lowry and is part of the Tate Modern Gallery where we prioritise a) new students to the academy b) students in Years 6 – 9 who will benefit from consolidating their transition year c) students with Communication and Interaction needs who would benefit from having opportunities to support and mentor new students to the academy.

Deborah Grayson, Acting Assistant Head Teacher Learning Manager Maths