Hello, my name is Adrienne Alvers and I have taught at the Iffley Academy for nine years. When I am not doing school work, I love to travel to different countries to explore and have a go at different languages. A couple of years ago I started to learn to play the piano, which is great fun, but means I have to practise as often as I can. I also love films, so I go to the cinema quite often as well as going swimming. When I am at home I like to curl up and read a book. Warhol is named after Andy Warhol and is part of the Tate Modern Gallery where we prioritise a) new students to the academy b) students in Years 6 – 9 who will benefit from consolidating their transition year c) students with Communication and Interaction needs who would benefit from having opportunities to support and mentor new students to the academy

Adrienne Alvers, Teacher