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These students in years 9 – 11 require:
a) highly individualised programmes personalised to learning goals (EHCP)
b) additional support in forming appropriate friendship
c) regular opportunities for the acquisition of independence and life skills (include out of school learning)

The ‘individualised’ and ‘personalised’ aspects of the curriculum are managed through meticulous differentiation; varied pace and overlearning of skills in Gallery MTPs* where necessary; alternative experiences for individuals linked to EHCP plans; and different accreditation pathways.

Friendship, independence and life skills

Focus on developing a sense of class community through regular class reader, circle time and games. Also, collective group experiences, such as guests, visits and volunteering.


1. Edexcel Entry Level and Functional Skills English
2. Edexcel Entry Level and Functional Skills Maths
3. Edexcel Entry Level Science (to be reviewed)
4. Edexcel Entry Level ICT
5. The Arts Award project in conjunction with Oxford Museums or WJEC Entry Pathways Creative Media and Performance Arts: Art
6. WJEC Entry Pathways: Personal and Social Development and Entry Level Humanities
7. BTEC Home Cooking Skills (or cooking will form part of Personal and Social Development for some)

Guggenheim’s classes are as follows:
Kusama class with Ms Taylor
Banksy class with Mrs Wallace
Hirst class with Mr Rusher
Ross class with Mr Suter