Enrichment Days At The Iffley Academy, enriching social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of the students‰Ûª life is recognised as being important. Students in KS2 and KS3 have the opportunity to take part in specific enrichment days; these happen once a term and focus on Religious Education and Modern Foreign Languages. Pupils present their work at the end of each day in a collective assembly. The enrichment days cover a wide range of religious and cultural topics and are delivered in a hands on, practical way that enable all students of varying abilities to take part and achieve. Food tasting enables students to experience different cultures. Pupils use cooking, craft, music, drama, ICT and debating to access the many topics. ‰ÛÏDrama is a fun way of learning religious stories‰Û ‰ÛÏIt‰Ûªs good to cook on enrichment days as we learn cooking safety and stories from around the world‰Û In KS4 students have an hour of religious studies each week. Students follow the WJEC entry level humanities pathway. This accredited course means that at the end of year 11 students will achieve an entry level two or three in religious education. The course covers many topics that challenge and encourage thinking and debate, such as ‰Û÷persecution of people‰Ûª and ‰Û÷famous followers of religion‰Ûª. Pupils take part in trips to local places of worship, engage with visitors and have access to a variety of ICT and media to enhance their learning. ‰ÛÏI liked learning about Rosa Parks, it was brilliant and I liked the trip to church it made learning fun‰Û Small groups enable students to be taught in a bespoke way.