The Iffley Academy is special in so many exciting and positive ways. Every child is given excellent opportunities to grow, develop, learn and enrich not only their present life skills, but also their future.
The Local Governing Body and Board of Trustees plays a key role in the strategies for the future, the execution of the Raising Achievement Plan, and the ongoing progress and initiatives that are delivering the continual improvements enjoyed by our students and staff. Our aim is to support these improvements, together with the highest standards of education and contribute to an inspirational environment for students and staff Ð ensuring that we all stay involved.
Governors and Trustees attend regular meetings in school. In addition we have specific Committees, Link Governor activities for all aspects of school life, and meet students and staff in school.
You will see from this website that The Iffley Academy is an outstanding environment, dedicated to the individual needs of each student. We take special pride in maintaining a friendly, welcoming and motivational community for everyone who comes into the school Ð students, staff, parents and visitors alike.
The Iffley Academy is a caring school, with a dedicated and highly skilled team of professionals who guide our students to success Ð and the wonderful pride of celebrating that success.
From time to time, we have a vacancy on the Governing Body and on the Board of Trustees, and we are always delighted to hear from anyone who would like to join us and help in the development of our truly Special School.
If you would like to contact me or any of the governors, please telephone the school.

Sian Rodway
Chair of Governors